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Brand identity and FMCG Packaging
design professionals 

Vast experience in the Israeli 
and global markets



design experience


Fun to work with

outgoing personality
and a good listener

Specialist in packaging

for foods and

body care 

Innovation attitude

27 years managing Unilever Israel's design department

Leading lecturer

on branding, packaging and creative thinking

Business POV

team player in
million $ projects

תמונה של המומחה עיצוב אריזות איל פנחסי על רקע כחול חובש קרניים של איל ומחייך

Ayal Pinhassi

תמונה של עדי פנחסי מעצבת גרפית בסטודיו איל על רקע כחול חובשת קרניים על הראש

Web and social dept. manager

Branding with personality

adds a touch of magic to every design 

Living digital

UX UI blood type


Studio manager

monitors all projects, to insure on time delivery

Perpetual movement

Agile, flexible and quick in life & in service


to Lieby the child and Gerev the dog

Adi Pinhassi Benet


Highly experienced professional in graphic design and visual branding, as well as FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods company) packaging development. 
Your go-to agency for Packaging design, Branding, Re-branding and Web projects for the Israeli market.

Both creative and managerial experience in one of the leading international companies- Unilever.
As a Packaging developer- innovation, cost reduction and sustainability project manager, in Israel, highly experienced in collaboration with global teams and Supply Chain processes, according to an annual work plan, with great co-operation skills.
Visual branding coordinator, Creative director and design team Manager for 17 years.


  • Visual branding

  • Packaging design

  • Packaging development: flexible packaging, rigid plastics, carton, corrugated, glass, metal caps, shrink sleeves.

  • Branding and Identity development for Israeli and International Fast Moving Consumer Goods - Food, Home care and Body Care brands: Telma cereals and spreads, Knorr, 778, Dove, Pinuk, Klik confectionary, Hellmann's, Cif-Fantastic, Blue-Band and more. Initiating new designs and adapting and implementing work from Unilever's Global experts and agencies.

  • Point of Purchase display design' for Israeli leading retailers.

  • Highly experienced in working with leading Israeli photographers and illustrators to achieve the best results.

  • Website and web presence design.

  • Bias for action. Service attitude.




digital business card

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Gal Marine Logo and Branding products design (Branded Cofffe cup, Calling card and notebook)

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Website design of RonPerri Nadav Jayrotnick

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